Extruded tiles Collection Terra

Unglazed unicoloured extruded tiles, slit plates, straps & accessories. Preferred use in barefoot wet areas with increased risk of slipping, for example in swimming pools, changing areas with shower and adjoining rooms.

Standard program Ceramic tiles Terra

Unglazed extruded tiles[ gemäß DIN EN 14411 AIb]

Extruded tile
in size  240 x 115 x 10 mm | 240 x 240 x 12 mm | 115 x 115 x 10 mm

Strip tile - Stair tile - Skirting - Corner stair tile - Angle skirting left/right - Angle tile - Cove - External angle left/right - Internal mitre left/right - Cove, end piece - Cove, internal angle

Industrial floor tiles for high mechanic loads

in size 240 x 115 x 18 mm | 240 x 115 x 14 mm

Industrial floor tile - Rounded on: short side - on Long side - on left/right Corner

industrial floor tile with a thickness of 30 or 40 mm in color 1300 & 1030F upon request.

Care - with clean-friendly surface coating

Note on anti-slip surfaces: Detailed information on the anti-slip properties of each product can be found on the Safety and Function page

or in the catalogue.



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Gail Swimming Pool Ceramic Tiles Terra
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