Stoneware Plates Collection COMBI-COLOR I

Over 50 plain glazed slit slabs (stoneware plates) with swallowtail back, straps and accessories. Preferred use in wet areas with increased risk of slipping, for example in swimming pools, changing areas with shower and ancillary rooms.

Standard program Combi Color I

Glazed extruded tiles with a wide color spectrum

Extruded tile   [ according to DIN EN 14411 AIb]


Finished edges: short side - long side - corner, left - corner, right - strip tile - border - corner - angle tile - cove skirting - external angle, left - external angle, right - internal angle -    internal mitre, left - internal mitre, right - cove - cove, end piece

Rounded edges: on short side - on long side - on corner, left - on corner, right


Care - with clean-friendly surface coating

Color - on request, other colours of the Collection Combi-Color II are also available in rating group B/R10.

Useful note - For Vdie laying with 6 mm joint width see Collection Combi-Color II


Note on anti-slip surfaces: Detailed information on the anti-slip properties of the individual products can be found on the Safety and function


more information in the catalogue S. 32 - 35


Gail facade ceramics - Combi Color 1 collection


Gail Swimming Pool Ceramic - Collection Combi Color 1
Gail Swimming Pool Ceramic - Collection Combi Color 1
Facade ceramics - Rekenkammer Den Haag