Gail and environment

From nature - for nature

GAIL dealt with the topic of sustainable environmental protection at a very early stage and aligned its business policy accordingly. The most important elements of nature earth - water - air - fire are fundamentally important components of the business existence of our company. The natural balance of the elements - finely tuned and incorporated in the products and services of our company - provide a high standard of sustainable environmental protection.

How does it work?

Cradle to Cradle: In contrast to other industrial sectors, we produce and recycle residual materials in one production line – for example, we return 5-20% of the ceramic break to ongoing production. We practice the active and continuous raw material cycle by recycling 100% of all residual materials from ceramic production (Recycling).

What do we achieve with this?

•    Less extraction of natural raw materials with less interference with the soil structure and preservation of the natural image (green zones, forests, etc.)
•    Less energy expenditure and correspondingly less air pollution in the extraction and transport of raw materials.


What else are we doing?

thermal recycling and heat recovery concept - We ensure that the excess thermal heat generated is returned to the production cycle and to the heating circuit of the administration buildings, so that less energy and therefore less natural resources are consumed.

Water recycling - The production waste water as well as the rainwater (from roofs and earth surfaces) are intercepted in separate ponds, cleaned and returned to the production and service water cycle. Production exhaust gases are greatly reduced and kept at a lower level than required by law.

Natural electricity - The production plant is geared to the ideal energy efficiency and is additionally operated with renewable energy.

Interseroh - The transport of raw materials and end products is carried out according to the same environmental criteria. The packaging materials are completely recycled, so that a demonstrably positive result is achieved by reducing immissions.

Renaturation - Finally, we ensure that former clay mining pits are renaturalized so that future generations of people can regain an attractive habitat in which they can recover, form and exercise.


Our employees maintain a responsible handling of energy, raw materials and working materials.


GAIL Ceramics International GmbH


Stoneware tiles slabs swimming pool
Stoneware tiles slabs swimming pool
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