Safety in function and aesthetics

With GAIL Architectural-Ceramic, you get the safety of high-quality ceramic materials, reliability in the construction application, optimum design flexibility, long service life and ultimately high cost-effectiveness.

Anti-slip tiles in the wet area

In wet barefoot areas of swimming pools, sits and fitness facilities, sure-footedness is a priority. With slip-resistant ceramics from GAIL, you can guarantee them in all applications.

The special glazes of the Grip-Star soft, Grip-Star plus and Mercury collections prove that anti-slip function and aesthetics do not have to be contradictory. Because anti-slip ceramics can be extremely aesthetic and yet easy to maintain. Even where coarser structures are required, you can create attractive solutions with Grip-Star plus.

The glazed and unglazed stoneware slabs and tiles of the Terra, IBO-R, Natura, Mountain, Montana, Colosseo, Mosaic, Cedario, Milos and Volcano collections also offer wide scope for design.

Gail anti-slip tiles for the swimming pool

Safety due to top quality

Gail stoneware tiles and slabs stand for outstanding quality, sophisticated aesthetics and maximum functional reliability.

We guarantee that our fine ceramic stoneware tiles, 1st sorting, the quality requirements of dIN EN 14411, BIb, and our porcelain stoneware tiles, 1st sorting, the quality requirements of the dIN EN 14411, BIa, as well as our coarse ceramics Stoneware plates, 1. sorting, meet the quality requirements of the dIN EN 14411, AIb, or DIN EN 14411, AIIa.

Gail swimming pool-ceramic anti-slip tiles for therapy pools